services overview

web  design

We offer fresh and bold solutions which are shaped according to your business/individual needs. We are offering to analyze the online market, determine your target audience, thus helping you to accomplish your business or individual goals. We are dedicated to helping you promote your services and to establish a stable online presence. We also provide an efficient, high quality website design which will present your corporation or services in the best manner thereby giving you a unique chance to boost your sales or connect with potential business partners.

web  development

Website development is playing a key role in any marketing strategy. Web Development has reshaped the face of marketing and business industry. The Internet has introduced to the world, new advertising solutions, and today it's unimaginable to run a small business or a corporation without an online platform. A professional or individual website can increase your sales, maximize your profit, draw new clients, and promote your business/organization/services. Owning a website is no longer an additional marketing tool, it is a necessity. If your goal is to reach your target audience, spread your influence and establish communication with more potential clients, then owning a website is the perfect solution.

web  hosting

Of course your website needs web hosting to be seen. We can offer you web hosting for your website at competitive prices. From 1 Euro per month you can already have a very extensive package hosting. (PHP web hosting: 500MB disk space, 10GB Monthly Bandwidth, unlimited number of email accounts, 5 mySQL databases) If you do not yet have a domain name we can also register your domain name(s).

online  marketing

If you aim to expand your business and build a strong online presence then you should create a lasting impact on clients/customers. How can you do that? This can be achieved through the development of a professional website design and a wise internet marketing campaign. E-Marketing is a mix of technology and creativity and it is a sure path to the expansion of your business. An online marketing campaign consists of several important parts such as web market analysis, defining your business goals and objectives, determining your target audience and understanding your consumer's psychology. We are here to provide professional assistance in this field and to help you enhance your business, improve your company's visibility and create a positive corporate identity.

social  media  marketing

Internet marketing has evolved rapidly and nowadays in order to represent your business properly you should employ social networks. Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and alike can help to raise awareness among a target audience about your company and services. Proper managing of these social mediums can help launch your business, expand your reach and connect with new clients/customers and establish client's loyalty. This has proven to be one of the most efficient marketing tools which helps you to reduce marketing costs - yet improve your company's visibility and generate revenue at the same time.

domain  name  registration

A domain name (or domain) is a name that refers to a location on the Internet. A domain name contains a prefix, a unique name and an extension (for example: At EMR-DESIGN we can register domains with 149 different domain extensions for you. On the right side of the screen you can see an overview of all the domain extensions. Please contact us if you like us to register your domain for you.

Search  Engine  Optimization

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is helping website owners to have a better website visibility. Organic SEO helps search engine crawlers to read the website architecture and position websites accordingly. SEO is the most important part of Internet strategy which helps to draw more website traffic and improve search engine rankings. SEO involves a smart use of keywords and content optimization thereby ensuring that a website is positioned better. SEO can also help to generate a return on investment thereby cutting down marketing costs. Building a professional website can't be done without integration of organic SEO into architecture of the website itself.

website  text  translation

Is your business expanding to other countries where people speak another language? Or do you just want your website to be more user friendly by letting users choose to read your website in their own language? We can translate your website for you in most european languages. All the translations are done by qualified translators. The price depends on the number of words and from what language to what language your website text needs to be translated.

Content  management  system

What is CMS? Content Management System enables website owners to arrange, edit, publish, delete their website content independently and without much technical knowledge. CMS is the best tool for increasing website activity thus providing a better user experience. Additionally, CMS allows for real-time changes to a website and separates control of content and design components. It is beneficial in numerous ways and it also reduces website maintenance costs. We are providing a CMS package which will meet all these standards and enable you to efficiently manipulate your website content and upgrade your website design any time you want. This allows you the freedom to give your website a new style, appeal and better functionality.

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domain  registration

We can register domains with the following 149 domain extensions for you:


 .nl  .mn
 .com  .ms
 .nu  .mu
 .eu  .nf
 .org  .pe
 .co  .ph
 .xxx  .bz
 .de  .pk
 .la  .cl
 .es  .ec  .pl
 .mobi  .ps
 .us  .gg
 .af  .gr
 .ag  .sc
 .am  .hn
 .ch  .sg
 .cx  .ht  .sh
 .cz  .si
 .fm  .sk
 .in  .tc
 .io  .tk
 .it  .tl
 .je  .tw
 .me  .vc
 .mx  .lc  .vg  .ws