our portfolio

international  payroll  services

International Payroll Services.com is a website for international companies that are searching for companies that provide payroll services, software, courses, events and jobs that are all related to international payroll. They can search worldwide or in a specific region or time period. They can contact them directly to get more info about their services, software, courses, events and jobs.

fides  rae

Fides Rae insurance Company is a captive insurance company. The company insures the risk of salary payment to the sick employee during maximum the first two years of illness. Fides Rae operates from Aruba. Fides Rae wanted a new website that looks more professional and better serves its potentional customers with information as to why they should contact Fides Rae.


Interfisc wanted a new corporate website as well as new websites for each country they are in. Every website had to be in 4 languages, plus it should be easy to extend it with new languages. We build a complete new content management system for them in which they could manage there new websites easily and which also allowed them to add more languages in a simple way.

high  heels  chatroom

High heels chatroom is build for people who love to chat about high heels. Its main focus was to bring like minded people together and make sure its a nice place to meet new friends. Second focus for the chatroom was to make it some sort of advertising website for the high heels shop so the people who chat might also buy new high heels at the high heels shop for themselves or their friends.

high  heels  shop

High heels shop is of course an e-shop for selling high heels and related products like stockings and other sexy outfits and lingerie. It was build together with the high heels chatroom to get the target group together and be able to sell high heels to them. The shop is closed at the moment but might re-open again soon when there is more time for it.

fotoalbums  printer  

Fotoalbumsprinter is a website that made it easy for people to create their own photo album online and then order it as a real photo album, poster or calender in the style and size they prefer. The software to create the real photo albums was third party software. We created a website around it to make it easy for people to use it and so they could get all their photos in a nice real photo album.


Web2many is one of the internet companies that was founded by Erik de Ruiter together with two of his friends. It needed a corporate website of course to tell potential clients what services we were offering and what we could do for them. Web2Many is no longer active at the moment.

valeria  creations  

Valeria Creations.nl is the corporate website and shop from fashion designer Valeria Creations who wanted a website to show of her beautiful fashion designs and also sell them online. Unfortunately the website and shop were never put online much to our regret and the hard work we had put into it.


Containerbay is a marketplace like Ebay, but then specific for the container market where companies related to the container market could buy and sell their containers and related products like cranes, forklifts, trucks and trailers. Containerbay was a website from Web2Many and is no longer active.